Green roofs and living walls

A green roof is one where you have soil and grow plants on your flat roof. They are an attractive covering for a boring extension roof. A green wall is the same but as you may have guessed it’s vertical so needs some sort of irrigation system and a bit more maintenance.

We can build a green roof for you on any suitable roof. They are a great way to increase biodiversity in the capital and also help to cool buildings, reduce flooding, insulate and they look great.

So if you have a roof you want to green, we can do it. Projects include, extensions, side returns and bike sheds as well as new builds.

Most of our work is small scale biodiverse roofs on extensions and out buildings. We have built up considerable expertise in these roofs and have built up an excellent supply chain. We have also been working to reduce the amount of plastic in our roofs and produced roofs that are almost entirely natural products with just a filter fleece/root barrier made from geotextile. We are using aerated clay balls for the drainage layer and creating the edges using large cobbles for the edge trim.

Planting and biodiversity features

We have been experimenting with a wide range of planting to create interesting and biodiverse roofs that look good and add biodiversity. All our roofs even the simple sedum mats will be sown with wildflowers to provide something interesting for the bees and other insects. For the biodiverse roofs we then add a selection of plants and flowers in consultation with the customer. The planting includes a mixture of plants from New Covent garden flower market:

Roof ready to be planted

These create an initial green coverage using stipa tenuissima, a selection of sedums and others like Allium Sphaerocephalon. To this I will add in some crocus bulbs (I got some really nice saffron crocuses last year), some ground coverage plants like Thyme and of course, lots and lots of wildflower seeds.

Domestic roof examples

Green roof after nine months of growth

Roof with rooflights

Biodiverse green roof in LondonCentral London green roof

Mini green roof on a bike shed

Biodiverse green roof in Hertfordshire

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For larger roofs and living walls we use the design and specification expertise of the Green infrastructure consultancy and the installation skills of Landmark Living Roofs to help deliver the perfect green roof for your site.

Here are some examples of recent roofs and walls we have built:

Green Infrastructure Consultancy projects

Landmark projects

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