Energy savings from insulation project

I have just got the energy bills from my first insulation and draught proofing project for and they are excellent:


This was for a four bedroom detached house in Hertfordshire and we carried out the following measures in November/December last year:

Since then we have added 200mm of insulation in the flat roof of the house whilst building a green roof and also in other hard to access roof areas with the help of a local builder. This should mean we see a reduction in energy over next year as well.

In 2012 we plan to start installing internal insulation in the empty cavities in the walls of the house.

Apart from the energy savings, carbon reductions and money saving the most important thing to the occupants of the house is that the living room is warm and comfortable.

Have a look at my website and let me know if you would like me to do the same for your house.

2 thoughts on “Energy savings from insulation project”

    1. We have used a variety of materials so far, dependent on the area we were working on and what was on special offer. Some of it was Rockwool, also used some B&Q insulation and space blanket in other places. The pantry was kept cool so we used insulation backed plasterboard there.

      For draught sealing we used standard builders caulk backed up with expanding foam where necessary. All the soil and geotextile in the green roof also added some insulation.

      This year I am hoping to try ripping out the lath and plaster walls and putting wood fibre insulation in them. The house is made of wood so I want to try and get some natural breathing materials in. I will update when this is done. My website has details of all the services I can offer

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