Green roofs of Verona

In Italy at the moment taking a short break. We went to the opera at the roman amphitheatre in Verona last night. In the cheap seats you have to arrive an hour or two early to get a good position so we had quite a while to look around before the opera started. When you walk round the top of the arena you are level with the roof line of Verona and get to see some lovely roofs created at the top of these buildings.

This was the best one but the position of the sun made it very hard to get a good photo.


Maybe it will look better full screen on a computer than it does on my phone. This one was quite nice too and much easier to photograph.


I should think their main purpose is to provide somewhere cool for the residents to hide from the heat. However they still provide much needed biodiversity in the city and even soaked up some of the run off from the rain that ended our opera after the first two acts.

CEEQUAL assessor

Just completed the CEEQUAL assessor course to upgrade to the new CEEQUAL version 5. The course was carried out online which was interesting, it was certainly more compelling than most online courses I have seen before.

The new version 5 has a reduced number of sections from 12 to 9 and the layout of the questions and associated guidance much improved. There is also a new section on project strategy which looks interesting. I look forward to reading through in more detail when I get the new manual.

My use of CEEQUAL so far has been helping with contributions to the ecology section of the assessment when working at The Ecology Consultancy. I hope to expand this in the future to include initial assessments for companies considering CEEQUAL and then full assessments through to the award stage. If you would like to learn more have a look at the new CEEQUAL page on my website.

It’s raining meadows

After last weeks exciting pictures of the roof in Hertfordshire there has been even more growth:

Even the local wildlife is taking a keen interest:

There are also some fungi appearing, will have to get the mushroom book out and see if these are edible ones:

It looks like the roof is fairly comfortable with itself now and should ebb and flow over the next few years developing the right type of plants for the conditions. If you want one on your roof I would be happy to build it, full details of my services and contacts here

Rain not just good for ducks

The green roof I built in Hertfordshire last year has put on a remarkable growth spurt in recent weeks:

Greener roof

I am very pleased with how it looks now. We had been experimenting with a micro irrigation system to keep it watered in the hot months but this has been redundant given the weather lately. In it’s own small way it is also reducing run off to the surrounding area and lowering the chances of flooding.

The growth is also high enough to be seen from the road: