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Welcome to Ecoalex - ways to improve your home: using less energy, using less water and encouraging wildlife & nature.

  • Home surveys

    Home surveys

  • Encouraging wildlife and nature

    Encouraging wildlife and nature

  • Using less water

    Using less water

  • Using less energy

    Using less energy



What’s New?

What can I offer?

Ecoalex can offer a full service for your environmentally friendly construction project in the London area. If your looking for ideas you can start with a home survey. If you already know what eco-retrofit you want to carry out or what green new build you want I can deliver it for you.

I can offer energy saving projects to reduce the carbon footprint of your house:

  • Insulation – External and internal wall insulation & natural ¬†breathable walls
  • Low energy appliances
  • Improved glazing including heritage glazing for listed buildings

Projects that enhance your house:

  • Green roofs, walls & rain gardens
  • Smart home controls
  • Solar power
  • Biodiversity enhancements including bat boxes

I can deliver a complete green project for you and your home. Email me to arrange an appointment in London

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